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Via Gut

Composed and directed by Neil Luck


First Performance: LCMF 2015, December 11th, Ambika P3, London

Via Gut is a monologue-cum-variety act about the future. Based on a rigorously pataphysical premise, Via Gut poses a hypothesis about the future of human evolution and the nature of communication, told through an allegory of the human digestive system.


The piece was performed by an amalgam of squib-box and ARCO.






Neil Luck - Voice


Adam de la Cour - Tap dance, sock puppetry, jazz guitar, scat, balloon modelling


Federico Reuben - live electronics


Benedict Taylor - Viola


Tom Jackson - Bass Clarinet

Photo by LCMF

Photo by Dimitri Djuric

Excerpt from live performance

Photo by Ailis Ni Riain

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