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Listen to a preview radio show on Resonance FM (broadcast 13.11.19):

First performance:

15th November 2019


Colonnade, Bloomsbury

London WC1N 1JD

In troubled times of impossibly complex problems, new, radical, weird perspectives are required to imagine equally impossible solutions. Drawing on arcane anglo-Japanese folk entanglements, the hypnosis of late night TV, and crowd-sourced dream journals, this night secreted right in the heart of the metropolis attempts to divine new perspectives via the exploratory physicality of Butoh and the weirder underside of experimental music.


Imaginary Solutions is a collaboration between the Tokyo-based Butoh dancer/martial artist Takahiro Tomatsu, and the acclaimed London-based experimental music ensemble ARCO, led by composer performer Neil Luck. 

An intense and ambitious new international collaboration in one of London’s most idiosyncratic independent venues, Imaginary Solutions set out to fashion strange new tools for strange new futures…



Performers include:

Takahiro Tomatsu / Dance

Neil Luck / Voice

Adam de la Cour / Voice, guitar, film

Tom Jackson / Reeds

Chihiro Ono / Violin, viola

Sam Rice / Double bass

Benedict Taylor / Viola, voice



+ special guests FOUR FOUR:

Sara Gale / Cello

Oles Klok / Keys

Gwen Reed / Doublebass

Paul Zaba / Accordion




Neil Luck and ARCO gratefully acknowledge support from the PRS for Music Foundation

and the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020


Photographs by Ilme Vysniauskaite

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