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21.01.2015 - Colchester Arts Centre, 8:00pm


11.10.2014 - Milton Keynes Art Gallery, 7:30pm.


10.8.2014 - Kings Place Hall 1, Tete a Tete Festival, 4pm. 


9.8.2014 - Kings Place Hall 1, Tete a Tete Festival, 8pm. 


7.8.2014  - Resonance 104.4 FM, 8pm


10.05.2013 - The Actor's Church, Coven Garden, London




A piece of music-theatre by Neil Luck 

Performed by ARCO

The Myth of Hercules, his auspicious childhood, the 12 labours and conquests of his adult life, and his death at the hands of his jealous spouse have been portrayed in art, music, theatre and pop culture countless time in the past. Sometimes, faithfully, sometimes grotesquely or gloriously (depending on your taste) distorted. 

This piece, Herakles! takes the form of a singularity in the midst of the flotsam and jetsam of our perception of the Herculean myth, a black-hole drawing-in, distending, and ultimately obliterating many of the obvious as well as the gnomic cultural embodiments of the ‘Super-Man’. 

These demi-god characters – Hercules himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger (who early on in his career descended from mount Olympus in the criminally underrated Hercules in New York), Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa from the Kabuki play Shibaraku, ‘Guitar Gods’ Robert Johnson, John Mayer, Yuri Bashmet, Hendix and Tallan Latz et. al, as well as the superhuman healing powers of the ‘Quack Doctor’ as portrayed in the traditional British Mummers play - are all subjected to an equal amount of genuinely affectionate disrespect. 



Neil Luck and ARCO gratefully acknowledges financial support from The Musicians Benevolent Fund, Arts Council England, the PRS for Music Foundation, the RVW Trust, Hinrichsen Foundation, and Production Development Support from the Iris Theatre.


Photos by Sam Nesbitt Creative & Claire Shovelton

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