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"The thing on radio three RIGHT NOW sounds like the St Trinians orchestra has been given a symphony! Stunning work!!!... Difficult to describe how fabulously innovative the piece is."

(Phil Jupitus)

A performance of the full Beethoven Violin Concerto Op.61 

Performed by soloist Chihiro Ono, and an ensemble made up of players from ARCO, squib-box, and CRAM associates.


The premiere of this realisation was given on the 2nd of December 2017 at The Old Dentist, London and was recorded for broadcast by BBC Radio 3's Hear & Now (broadcast in March 2018).

Intended as a radical interpretation of the score, the performance sits at an idiosyncratic intersection of score-reading and improvisation. The solo part remains intact, but the orchestral score is handed over to the musicians as material to be approached, subverted, respected, undermined, read and misread in a panoply of creative ways.

The ensemble for the premiere consisted of:


Chihiro Ono: Solo Violin

Gaia Blandina: Cello

Adam de la Cour: Tap Dance

Neil Georgeson: Organ

Neil Luck: Objects/Voice

Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis: Electric Guitar

Federico Reuben: Live Electronics

Samuel Rice: Double Bass

Benedict Taylor: Viola

The Concerto was broadcast on BBC Radio 3's flagship contemporary music programme HEAR & NOW on March 4th 2018.


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