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Last Wane Days is one man­i­fes­ta­tion of Neil Luck’s Note­book project, set­ting the texts of the avant-garde Amer­i­can play­wright and direc­tor, Richard Fore­man.

This two-act mon­odrama for voice, strings, piano, and gui­tar has been com­posed in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the acclaimed singer-songwriter Fiona Bevan, and is per­formed by the avant-garde string ensem­ble ARCO.


Cast half in the form of a dis­lo­cated lan­guage tape, half as a sub­verted pop album, Last Wane Days is a pile-up of lush orches­tra­tions, radio jin­gles, noise, sump­tu­ous vocals, MIDI sounds, dream sequences, and deformed rock gui­tar solos. A head-on col­li­sion of the sub­lime and the ridiculous.



Track List­ing:


Act 1: That swoon fever­ous seven of the throne

Act 2: The last smoke was Romanesque, before your hopes were flung





Fiona Bevan: Voice

Ruta Vitkauskaite: Vio­lin

Bene­dict Tay­lor: Viola

Richard Thomas: Cello

Sam Rice: Dou­ble Bass

Adam de la Cour: Gui­tar

Satoko Doi: Piano

Neil Luck: Per­cus­sion, voice


Com­posed and arranged by Neil Luck.


Swoon on the Throne of Moans, and The Last Days of Deca­dence com­posed by Fiona Bevan.

Most of the texts used in the record­ing are rearranged frag­ments from the note­books of Richard Fore­man­

The Last Days of Deca­dence lyrics by Fiona Bevan. Swoon on the Throne of Moans lyrics by Richard Fore­man, Fiona Bevan, and Gérard de Ner­val


Recorded by Oli Whit­worth and Richard Thomas

Mixed and edited by Oli Whit­worth

Pro­duced by Oli Whit­worth, Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan

Cover art­work by Ayşegül Wilde



The sup­port of the THE BLISS TRUST and the PRSF are grate­fully acknowledged.

ARCO! The Greatest Hits is a 30 minute live show cast in the form of a radio broadcast. Featuring contriubtions from Neil Luck, Adam de la Cour, Matthew Lee Knowles, Fiona Bevan, and Richard Thomas, the work veers wildy between, gregorian chant, disney impersonations, bird song, (semi) pro-wrestling and indepth 'interviews'.

This recording is of a live performance given at the Trade Union Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Music by Neil Luck, Matthew Lee Knowles and adam de la Cour is performed by ARCO plus special guests.



Track Listing:


1. Intro/This is the Shit that Killed Elvis (Matthew Lee Knowles)
2. Field Record­ings (Neil Luck)
3. Inter­mis­sion I
4. Ques­tions I (MLK)
5. Baby You and Me Girl (Adam de la Cour)
6. Inter­mis­sion II
7. Jazz (AdlC)
8. Inter­mis­sion III
9. Rum­pus Room (NL)/Questions II (MLK)
10. Daddy (AdlC)/Outro



Released 09 October 2010 
Per­form­ers from ARCO collective: 

Neil Luck: Director/Bird Calls/Voice 
Adam de la Cour: Guitar/Voice 
Richard Thomas: Cello/Voice 
Sam Rice: Dou­ble Bass/Voice 
Migle Anusauskaite: Live Trans­la­tion 
Rita Macil­i­u­naite: Voice 
Robin Bayn­ton: Phone in 

Recorded Live by Richard Thomas at the Trade Union Palace, Vil­nius, Lithua­nia 12.09.2009 
Pre­sented as part of The Process fes­ti­val, Vil­nius Cap­i­tal of Cul­ture 2009.

Edited and Mixed by Neil Luck 
Cover Deisgn by Sam Belinfante 

Spe­cial thanks to Mar­ija Grike­vi­ciute, Ruta Vitkauskaite and Rita Maciliunaite.

An album of free improvisations by four members of ARCO.


Tom Jackson - bass clarinet
Neil Luck - guitar, voice, harmonica, objects
Chihiro Ono - violin
Benedict Taylor - viola

released December 15, 2019

Recorded at a private studio near Achmelvich Bay by Neil Luck
Mixing and Mastering by Neil Luck

Released on Roam Records

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