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20.10.2023 Rustic Experiences, Epping Forest

17.09.2023 Everything is Churning and Opening, Colourscape, London

06.02.2023 Takahiro Tomatsu & ARCO at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK


05.02.2023 Takahiro Tomatsu & ARCO at Kings Place, London

02-05.12.2022 Residency and performance at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart

07.2022 The Melting Ceremony, London Spitalfields Festival, QMUL Octagon.

22.05.2022 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Cafe Oto, London

19.05.2022 Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Freerange Canterbury

2022 ongoing - Memories of Muscles, with Athina Vahla

17.10.2020 Private Parties - album released on squib-box

25.05.2020 Online performance for Iklectik offsite

01.05.2020 Resonance FM -  Tales from the Arc

15.12.2019 Rechtschaffen and Kales album released on Roam records


15.11.2019 Imaginary Solutions in collaboration with Takahiro Tomatsu, The Horse Hospital, London

13.11.2019 Imaginary Solutions in collaboration with Takahiro Tomatsu, Resonance FM


27.07.2019 Live set at Waste Paper Opera's ''London Experimental Variety Show', Shaw theatre

27.07.2019 Deepy Kaye, Battersea Arts Centre, BBC Proms. Also live broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Feb 2018 Regretfully yours Ongoing, broadcast on BBC Radio 3


15.12.2018 Members of ARCO perform as soloists in Neil Luck's Regretfully Yours, Ongoing, LCMF 2018


08.09.2018 Orderly Mouthpiece Spent - an hour long radiophonic work by Neil Luck with ARCO and squib-box members. A weird underbelly of the BBC PROMS broadcast on BBC Radio 3


02.08.2018 Interactive performance, V&A Museum of Childhood

23.06.2018 Live performance in Tokyo with Takahiro Tomatsu & Renka

14.06.2018 Beethoven Violin Concerto performed in collaboration with The Assembled, Stained Glass Centre, York, UK

05.06.2018 - Live Guy, Dead Guy, Kammer Klang, Cafe Oto, London

02.04.2018 New Vocal Solutions (sampler) EP release (featuring several ARCO members)

31.03.2018 - Intergeneration Studio: Joan Jonas, Tate Modern

04.03.2018 - BAGGAGE, BBC Radio 3 Hear & Now

29.12.2017 - Live performance at V&A Museum of Childhood

02.12.2017 - Performance of Beethoven Violin Concerto, with Chihiro Ono as soloist

23.11.2017 - Launch of Audio Walk for V&A Museum of Childhood. Featuring Timmy Mallett.

24.08.2017 - Activity for Children and Families, V&A Museum of Childhood, London. With Neil Luck, Oliver Brignall and Sarah Dacey

19.08.2017 - Performing as part of Cubitt Gallery Arts Picnic, by Ania Bas and Lucy Steggals (Neil Luck and Benedict Taylor)

04.06.2017 - Performing as part of Young In Hong's 5100, Royal Academy Courtyard, Block Universe Festival, London

31.05.2017 - Creative Reality Solutions : Hepworth Wakefield (with James Whittle)

MAY 2017 - Operatic Mass Actions in Aarhus, with AUT

29.03.2017 - Creative Reality Solutions : Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield (with James Whittle)

18.03.2017 - Creative Reality Solutions : Linear Obsessionals, London (Solo)

23.02.2017 - Creative Reality Solutions : London Topophobia (with Chihiro Ono)

25.01.2017 - Creative Reality Solutions : Last Wednesday Society, London (Solo)

OCT 2016 - Residency in Aarhus, with AUT

October 7th 2016 - Performance at Frieze, part of 'Pompe'

JULY 28th-29th - Interactive performance at The Museum of Childhood, V&A, London

JUNE 30th - Live broadcast performance by ARCO of Neil Luck's Selected Poems and Clubcb, BBC Radio 3

JUNE 23rd 2016 - Members of ARCO perform 'Points to Self', Bastard Assignments New Teeth series

MAY -JUNE 2016 - Drivetime Underground radio series, Resonance FM


MAR 4 2016 - Corpse in Context, National Portrait Gallery, London


FEB 27th 2016 - Corpse in Context in partnership with AUT, Aarhus, Denmark. Supported by an Artist's International Development fund Award


DEC 2015 - Via Gut, LCMF, Ambika P3, London


JAN - MAR 2015 - ARCO soundtrack to Dan Scott's installation 'Liberation Through Hearing'. Royal Academy of Arts, London


JAN 21st 2015 - Herakles! at Colchester Arts Centre, 8:00pm. BOOK HERE


OCT 11th 2014 - Herakles! at Milton Keynes Art Gallery, 7:30pm. BOOK HERE


AUG 10th 2014 - Kings Place Hall 1, Tete a Tete Festival, 4pm. BOOK HERE


AUG 9th 2014 - Kings Place Hall 1, Tete a Tete Festival, 8pm. BOOK HERE


AUG 7th 2014 - Herakles! live on Resonance FM, 8:30pm


JUN 2014 Sonic Trail for Tate Britain Summer Exhibition


FEB 2014 New work for Big and Small, Tate Britain, London


NOV 2013 New work for BP Festival, Tate Britain, London


AUG 2013 Members of ARCO appear at Hepworth Wakefield Gallery as part of Neil Luck's Frequency


MAY 2013 Herakles! Premiered in London


FEB 2013 SlapSnapStickPizz at the Tate Britain, London


DEC 2012 Various performances and radio broadcasts of collaborative work with Tokyo-based sound and performance artist Takahiro Tomatsu. London.


OCT 2012 Performance of new work presented at Cage Rattling #1, Kings Place London, Curated by The Wire magazine.


SEP 2012 Congregations participatory performance environment, Tate Modern Tanks, London.


JUNE 2012 Young Person’s Guide? participatory performance environment, Tate Britain, London.


JUNE 2012 New work presented at V22 Summerclub.


APR 2012 Last Wane Days EP released.


JAN 2012 ARCO record a sound track for Neil Luck’s Notebook. A solo performance presented as part of the Tokyo

Experimental Festival, Japan.


MAR 2011 Performance at the Theatre Royal, Wakefield as part of Raised Curtain, curated by the Hepworth Wakefield gallery.


JAN 2011 Various performances as part of the Squib-box launch event at the Deptford Old Police Station, London


SEP 2010 ARCO present Notebook at Milton Keynes Art Gallery


FEB 2010 Performance as part of Testing Grounds Live Art Platform, South Street Arts Centre, Reading


JAN 2010 ARCO residency at Milton Keynes Gallery opens with Control Room performance event.


SEP 2009 Performance of new large scale work Mamontova’s Yr? as part of The Process festival, Vilnius, Lithuania. Part of the European Capital of Culture


MAY 2009 ARCO residency in Trakai, Lithuania as part of the Process festival.


APR 2009 Performance at Kings Place, London as part of an SPNM/Music Orbit Sound Source event


MAR 2009 Performance at SnM new music event, Guildhall School of Music and Drama


MAR 2009 ARCO devise and perform a one hour long radio show for Resonance FM, London


JAN 2009 Various performances as part of the exhibition/festival The Voice and Nothing More, Slade Research Centre,



NOV 2008 Performance of new works at Boat-ting, Temple Pier, London


OCT 2008 Performance of new work as part of Clegg and Gutman’s exhibition The Age of Syncopation, Wilkinson Gallery,



JUN 2008 Performance at the Sonic Arts Network EXPO, Brighton


JAN 2008 Various performances as part of the exhibition/festival Notations 2008, Slade Research Centre, London

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