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In February 2009 ARCO presented a series of new works for Cello and Bass Clarinet at Kings Place, London, as part of the SAM/Music Orbit Sound Source event. 

Pieces by Neil Luck, Matthew Lee Knowles, Adam de la Cour and Sam Belinfante were performed by Richard Thomas (vc) and Heather Roche (bcl). 


In October 2012, ARCO returned to Kings Place to present new works as part of the The Wire's Cage Rattling #1: Kill Switch event , a celebration of the work of John Cage.

Pieces were written and performed by Neil Luck, Matthew Lee Knowles, Elo Masing, Ruta Vitkauskaite and Adam de la Cour 



Past Performances: 


10.2012 - Cage Rattling: Kill Switch #1, Presented by The Wire, curated by Richard Thomas (Resonance FM)


02.2009 - SPNM/Music Orbit, The Sound Source. Also on the Bill were Yannis Kyriakides and John Butcher


Kings Place

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