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(Milton Keynes Art Gallery)

During 2010 ARCO presented two large scale performances at Milton Keynes Art Gallery. 


Control Room (01.2010) featured performances by Neil Luck, Adam de la Cour, Matthew Lee Knowles, Richard Thomas, Sam Belinfante, Greta Pistaceci, Lawrence Tatnall and Edmund Finnis, and was in part a response to a solo show by Marcus coates. 


Notebook (09.2010) comprised a collection of short pieces drawing on the texts of Richard Foreman. It featured performances and pieces by Neil Luck, Richard Thomas, Adam de la Cour, Matthew Lee Knowles, Fiona Bevan and Ruta Vitkauskaite. Both pieces were presented as part of the Scratch Nights series programmed by Simon Wright.​



Performance details:


01.2010 Control room (in response to Marcus Coates' Pyschopomp)


09.2010 Notebook (featuring works setting the texts of Richard Foreman)

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